So many things in life want to steal our Christmas – our true Christmas – not the commercial Christmas that retailers and the secular culture has created, but the true season of Christmas that begins on December 25 as we celebrate through worship and fellowship the birthday of our King and Savior.  Busy schedules, end of the year deadlines, expectations, over indulgence, over achieving and over extension that leads to exhaustion, guilt, anxiety and emptiness is what tries to stand in for the peace, joy, restoration and new beginnings that Christmas brings.

In these last few days before we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ the Church is ready to help you experience the promises of God through the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ – promises of salvation, forgiveness, rest and peace, joy, love, hope and steadfast relationships.  Opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service continue to abound which can offer healing, inspiration and comfort.

Come gather with us this Sunday, December 20 for morning worship as we sing and make merry, celebrate and commemorate through glorious music, prayers and thanksgiving.  Join us as we magnify the Lord through the song of Mary as recorded in Luke 1:46-55.  Be with us as we light the candle of peace in our Advent wreath and are uplifted in our spirits through fellowship and grace.

Come gather with us on Monday, December 21 at 7 PM for a beautiful and peaceful “Blue Christmas” worship experience. Come experience the light breaking into the darkness so that you might feel transformed, restored, healed and cared for by the living God through Jesus Christ.

Come gather with us on Thursday, December 24 – Christmas Eve – for glorious worship and celebration of the birth of our Savior at 5 PM and 11 PM.  Hear the laughter and joyous chatter of children as we sing and shout unto the Lord in our 5 o’clock family service.  Or come join us at 11 o’clock for soaring anthems with resounding music, candlelight and communion as we usher in the day of Christ’s birth.

Our loving creator promised the gift of a Savior who was Christ the Lord and we have been called to be gifts to one another.  The family of faith of Canyon Hills Presbyterian Church has much to share, much to give as we have been blessed so greatly with boundless love.  That love was shared today with the Losi family as our brother Mark has been unable to worship with us on Sundays as ALS continues to steal his physical strength and so a small worship team brought worship to him and his family.  You were all there in spirit as loved filled a room, a house with comfort and care.  Thank you for being the church.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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