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Change is inevitable, regardless of how we feel about change in general or particular changes, change is inevitable.  As creation continues groaning with birth pains everyday and blossoming and exploding with new life, things must change.  For as long as anyone can remember, the new school year began in September because agrarian families needed their children home to help with the harvest.  But now the new school year begins on a variety of dates, some schools in July, others now in August and some following labor day.  Without the harvest cycle driving the calendar, schools are now building calendars based on other factors including the educational needs of the students.  Change is inevitable.

In a world that seems to change, adapt, and reformat at an unnerving pace, where can we turn for stability and familiarity? Followers of Christ, we are blessed because we have a God that is constant in love, constant in faith, constant is mercy, grace and forgiveness.  God’s love for us runs so deep that it will not bend or change or waiver. How we respond to our God may mature and change over time as we experience faith, knowledge and wisdom and thankfully our God is steadfast as we learn to change our ways as faithful followers of Christ.

Last Sunday in worship we were inspired by Cindy McCormick’s “Community Voice” as she shared from her heart about her faith and life at CHPC.  If you missed it you can catch her on YouTube . This Sunday we will be continuing our exploration of how we can give back to our church and community and the rewards for loving our enemies found in Luke 6:27-38.  Darrell Elwell will be our “Community Voice” guest. And we will be celebrating the sacrament of Baptism.

On Sunday afternoon at 4 PM New Hope Presbyterian Church is presenting its “Higher Praise Summer Gospel Concert” at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Orange at 191 N. Grand Street in Orange.  The concert features several gospel soloists and choirs along with the Orange Praise Ensemble featuring our own Roger Behle!  Tickets are available at the door.

Sign-ups for a variety of events including our Vintage Vegas Celebration on September 20 and Angels Baseball game and tailgate party on September 15 will be available at the Connect Table following worship.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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