CPR Class

CHPC is offering an Adult and Child CPR/AED Class on Wednesday, June 15th. Class will be held in our Fellowship Hall at 6pm and will run about 3.5 hours. The class is open to adults and youth 14 and up at a cost of $30.00 per person. Sign-ups will end on Sunday, June 12th, so that we can make sure we have the proper number of instructors available.
Don’t know what an AED is or how to operate one in an emergency? Then you have not been trained! It’s a very simple way to save a life, and it’s easier than ever now to be trained. If it’s been a while since you took a CPR course, standards have changed! Many thanks to Emergency First Response Corporation for providing the instructors and materials.

To sign upĀ – Contact Mary Byrne at mdbyrne42@gmail.com.

Pay Online:

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