Dreamweaver Weekly Update

Big dreams!  Big opportunities!  I was often accused of being a day dreamer when I was in school and it was true, I had a big imagination and all things seemed possible no matter the obstacles.  Life tries to temper our dreams, especially our God-given dreams but I want to encourage you to keep your dreams, save your dreams, act upon your dreams and let God’s holy spirit guide you along the way – this is how we accomplish the amazing!

So many great dreams for our congregation, community and world are brewing inside each of us individually and collectively and all we need is the inspiration to grab hold of the dream.  With the energy being generated with The Story series we are gaining great momentum for some dream fulfilling.  This Sunday during worship we will explore Joseph’s story (Old Testament Joseph), a dreamer from God who was challenged with difficulties and betrayal but trusted God and found God’s favor even in the most dire of circumstances.  What we experience as travail in our lives, God can use for good.

Is your appetite whet for knowing more about God’s Story and how our stories are woven into the grand story of love and redemption?  We have lots of ways to dig deeper:  Pre-Game on Sunday mornings, Small Groups on Mondays and Wednesdays, Sermon Study on Tuesdays, plus Women’s Bible Study and Men’s Breakfast.  Check out our website for all The Story details…

We only have 2 tickets left for our Angel game and Tailgate party and game set for Saturday, September 12.  Get your tickets online or following worship on the patio.

You don’t want to be missing the greens this month, especially when all our lawns are the new green (brown), so sign up now for our Annual Golf Tourney.  Check out our website for more information and to register for this golf tourney.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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