Fall Harvest – Weekly Update

What a glorious beginning of fall!  While it might not feel yet like the crisp autumn days we have been waiting for, our church has been experiencing a bountiful harvest of enthusiasm and increased engagement in our worship, study, fellowship and service.  It is such a joy to begin our week together in Sunday morning worship as we continue our exploration of scripture, weaving God’s story and our stories together!

So many in our congregation have reflected back to our worship and study leaders how helpful the Sunday Morning Pre-Game at 9:30 AM in the fellowship hall has been and how much they are enjoying our study opportunities throughout the week.  Parents are sharing delightful stories about Sunday School lessons and how much they are learning from their own children!  No experience is necessary to jump into one of these great offerings including worship and study…you will be glad you did!

This Sunday we will be settling into the Book of Judges using chapter 7 in The Story as a guide.  Following the settlement of the Promised Land the Israelites experienced cycles of sin and oppression and then deliverance and redemption.  Freedom Fighters called “judges” were leaders called by God to help deliver his people from their own short-sightedness, selfishness and sin but these judges themselves were flawed characters redeemed by God and willing to serve.  What a beautiful opportunity we will have in worship to examine our own life cycles, flaws and God’s loving guidance.

We are pleased to offer a New Member class on Sunday, November 1 following worship and the Gratitude Breakfast for anyone new to our church who would like to know more about our particular family of faith, church membership and meet others who are part of our growing fellowship.

On Sunday, November 15 our sister church, New Hope Presbyterian Church, will be sponsoring the Hope Alive Concert “Perfect Harmony” featuring local musicians which supports music instruction for low income schools in our area.  For more information and online ticket reservations click onto mynewhopepres.org.

Our Mexico Mission Adult Weekend Trip is just around the corner, November 6-8.  Details about the trip and registration information can be found on our web site, Fall Mexico Mission.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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