Glorious Easter Tidings!

Greetings church following a glorious Easter worship celebration on Sunday!!  It was a rich and profound Holy Week filled with multi-sensory experiences surrounding Jesus’ last supper and garden prayers, his arrest and torture and his death on a cross and then we waited. But our waiting did not disappoint as we are witnesses to power and love of God through the resurrection of this Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Just over a week ago a tremendous team of students and adults returned from a very successful and fulfilling mission experience in Tijuana, Mexico, completing 5 modest homes for families without shelter.  We worshipped and worked side by side, stretching our faith and our abilities to accomplish what God had set out for us.  We had nary an incident except for the transmission failing in one 15 passenger van, thank you to our transportation angels Bruce Kidd and Dennis Sepulveda who made the trek to TJ to bring us home!  Please enjoy a few photos attached to this email.  More stories to follow!

This Sunday is a continuation of our Eastertide worship celebrations as we explore the disciples and followers of the first church gatherings as recorded in Acts 4:32-25.  The Easter resurrection has given us such great hope and joy, now we can turn that gladness into action as we gather together.

FISH BANKS!!  We have received a lot of fish banks for the One Great Hour of Sharing in our offering plates and in the office…if you still have a fish it is never too late to get it back “in school” with the others.  The contributions collected with help fund several Presbyterian Mission Organizations who help with self-development.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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