Home Groups Lenten Series

The week of March 10, 2019, we will be launching our Lenten Season of our growing Home Group program. Home Groups are gatherings of those seeking to deepen their faith and looking to make connections with others.

Home Groups during Lent will focus on “Close Encounters of the Sacred Kind” through parables of Jesus found in Matthew. Participants will be invited into an honest conversation about the places we feel the presence of Jesus Christ most powerfully in our lives.  Weekly themes will lead to a deeper appreciation of the Bible and an understanding of its message.

Home Groups are hosted by members of our church and facilitated by leaders in our church.  Groups are open Sunday morning at 9 AM, Monday evenings at 7 PM and Tuesday evenings at 5:30 PM. You may register online, Sunday mornings using the registration form or by calling the church office, 714-637-7660.

Registration Form: