Happy New Year!! 2015

Merry 9th Day of Christmas!! And Happy 2nd Day of 2015!! The signs of a lingering Christmas season are slowly fading with fallen evergreen trees on the curb and lights coming down but the lessons of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the new life and the new year bring new hope as we venture together on this journey of life.  The cycle continues and we are bid to carry on through the harshness of winter into the tenderness of spring.  And as we journey we need to decide what gifts we have to present to our King this Epiphany weekend.

This Sunday morning worship is a wonderful place to explore the gifts we might have to offer to the new born King as we look back at the gifts of the Magi presented to Jesus in Bethlehem as recorded by Matthew 2:1-12. I am never quite sure of the effectiveness of New Year’s resolutions but I am confident that our participation together in worship and song and the sharing of sacraments is a meaningful resolution of faith that will set us on a path of righteousness.

As the light has dawned and a new year opens we have much to ponder and perhaps resolve, much to give thanks and much to wonder but I can think of no better place to work out the details of life than in the midst of this rich, diverse family of faith.  May your season be bright!

To catch up on all the goings on with CHPC check out our January Newsletter by viewing the attached file.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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