Don’t let the stress of the holidays crack your Faith …

Come join us for:

Hope In The Holidays

(A series for Individuals, Families, and Caregivers)


Rev. Dr Robin Clardy will lead a four week class entitled “Hope in the Holidays“. The material Rev. Clardy will present draws from her experience as a pastor and chaplain to provide spiritual and emotional support to individuals who struggle through the holiday season.

Topics will include:

  • Dealing with grief and loss through the holidays
  • How to navigate relational conflict
  • Finding peace through the holidays
  • Restoring joy in this season


Sunday mornings at 9am on 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11

(Attendance and childcare are Free, join us in the Fellowship Hall)

Class One on Sunday 11/20:

“Taking Stock”

  • What is happening for me this holiday season? What am I experiencing? Grief? A sense of loss? A health crisis? A life transition? Or, something else? Recognizing our different, but sometimes conflicting emotions, which surround holidays is important because it enables us to through what would other wise be a most difficult time.

Class Two on Sunday 11/27:

“What am I Needing this Season?”

  • Recognizing my needs and assessing my resources.

Class Three on Sunday 12/4

“Adjusting My Expectations”

  • I can’t go on with “life as normal”. How do I adjust to the new reality that I am now living?

Class Four on Sunday 12/11:

“Where is God in all of this?”

  • How do I find God in the midst of my pain? How do I let God into this chaos that I am experiencing? How do I experience the peace of God when I feel broken?