It’s been a week …

The church season of Lent is offered as a dedicated time of reflection and sometimes somber soul searching as we explore ways to entrust our lives for service in the Kingdom and commit ourselves to spiritual devotion. This is a season that sometimes feels heavy as we contemplate our own journey to the cross and confront our mortality.  This has been a truly Lenten week for our family of faith as so many in our congregation have faced loss, sorrow and grief.  There is comfort being expressed and received by many we love and we are reminded in moments of kindness and support that loss and grief is not the end of the story because we are children of the resurrection so even in our grief we can celebrate life and our confidence in God’s promises.

This Sunday will be a time to gather in faith in worship as we share with each other our journeys, our stories, our hearts.  Our scripture lessons from Mark 3:13-15 and Zechariah 8 will help us get into the rhythm of life as we are inspired through the word, music and prayers.

Next Sunday, March 22 we will be dedicating our Mexico Mission project and we are looking for many more prayer partners. You can sign up to be a prayer partner through the Sunday Morning bulletin or on our web site on the Mexico Mission page.

The prayer life of our congregation has been paramount for many families as we share our strength with one another.  Please keep our dear organist, Lee Massie in your prayers this weekend as his mother has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and will be entering hospice care.

Additionally, the Celebration of Life for our brother, Bob Lamar, on Saturday, March 21 at 2 PM in our sanctuary.  A reception in the fellowship hall will follow.

Don’t forget about the other great ways you can make new connections in our church like our Mom’s Night Out on March 15, Mission Monday at Don Jose’s on March 16 and the Deacon Blood Drive on March 23. Or, take the big plunge and join us for a 5 day adventure building homes in Tijuana, Mexico – a life changing experience.  And women, don’t forget to save the date – May 2 – for our annual spring PW luncheon!


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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