MAY FLOWERS – Ok, not so many April Showers but we can always hope!

It is already Thursday and I again am making ready to travel to Florida to assist my mom as she recovers from numerous ailments arising from her worsening COPD.  As Staci Ashby and the rest of the staff are keeping the home fires burning we are fortunate to have Rev. Mike Landreth in our midst willing and able to fill our pulpit this coming Sunday.

As Rev. Landreth has been preparing for leading worship this Sunday he reports that in a recent issue of the Economist, there was the following introduction to an article:

“The Ood are an odd bunch. Among the more enigmatic of the aliens regularly encountered in “Doctor Who,” a television series about a traveler in time and space, they are mostly silent—though sometimes given to song—and disconcertingly squid-like. What is more, evolution has equipped them with two brains—one in their heads, the other carried around in their hand. Put an Ood onto public transport anywhere in the developed world, though, and—tentacles apart—he would barely raise a questioning eyebrow. The other passengers would be too busy paying attention to the parts of their brain that they now carry in their hands to notice anything particularly odd about an alien doing something very similar.”

Of course, it is about our attachments to our cell phones, our portable computers, the one thing we believe necessary to have with us when we wake up, leave home, work, study, return, and before we fall asleep.  It is how we are connected to our world, to each other. This coming Sunday, Rev. Landreth will preach on John 15:1-8 – I am the Vine and you are the branches. With all of our connectivity to every part of the world, every crisis, every event, and even people and ideas completely strange to us, there remains the question of our connection with our God. In a world in which the BIG G is “Google,” it is time to ponder the bigger G – God.  Join us in worship this coming Sunday as we also celebrate our connection with our Lord and one another in Holy Communion.

Additionally, TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITIES AWAIT:  Women’s Retreat for all women in our congregation with Trabucco Presbyterian church at Forest Home on May 15-17.  The retreat is focused around Discovering God’s Promise of Strength & Courage with leader Chris Welch. Chris loves teaching Scripture and watching it take root in people’s lives. A mother, pastor’s wife, former junior high teacher, and recently retired from the pastoral staff of Christ Presbyterian Church, Chris brings a wealth of normal everyday experiences to illustrate her Biblical teaching. You can find all the information on our web site!

Join us for a Family Service Day at Harambee Ministries in Pasadena!  Harambee Christian Family Center is dedicated to the development of indigenous leadership through a holistic ministry that seeks to address both physical and spiritual needs by emphasizing community engagement, academic advancement, and spiritual formation to cultivate a thriving urban neighborhood in a sustainable project of biblical hope.

Our work group will engage in on-site projects to repair and improve the facilities at Harambee. We will meet at CHPC at 7:30am on Saturday, May 9th and return by 2:00pm.  This is an awesome opportunity for people of all ages to engage in a local service project together! Please email Staci at to reserve your spot.

Parents Day-out is 2 ½ hours of free time for Mom, Dad, or Grandparents.  Sunday May 17, from 11:30 to 2:00, you can drop your child(ren) nursery to 6th grade off in the Fellowship Hall with the Children’s Ministry Committee. Your child(ren) will have lunch, play games, do a craft and finish with a movie. This is fun for everyone. Check out the web site for registration information. This is for the children of CHPC and all children in our community, all are welcome. Contact Kathie Consalvi at for more information.

For all the happenings in May check out our monthly newsletter!


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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