For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. – Hebrews 3:4

Mexico Mission 2017

Friday, March 31 – Wednesday, April 5*

* Weekend only passes available on a limited basis

Now is the time to put your faith into action. God is asking us to express our faith and have it make a difference to someone else. Join us in the rugged colonias overlooking the Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. Together we will build homes for the less fortunate and discover ways we can serve one another humbly in love.

We will travel together from our comfortable home surroundings to a 3rd World neighborhood just a few short hours away for 5 days and 4 nights of work, Bible study, friendship building, faith sharing and cultural immersion.

Cost is $60 per person which includes all meals, transportation and lodging. Fundraising for building materials begins Sunday, February 12, 2017 through our “Buy-a-Stud” program. Donations towards supplies and materials are encouraged.

We encourage high school and college students and adults from our church and community to attend. We also welcome your friends and family members. All potential team members must apply to be part of the mission team. All applications will be reviewed and accepted based on a balanced youth to adult ratio. To apply, complete the form below or download the attached flyer and return it to the church office. The last day to apply is Thursday, March 16, 2017. All participants are required to attend worship on Sunday, March 26, 2017 for a commissioning service which includes meeting your prayer partner.

PASSPORTS/PASSPORT CARDS ARE NOW REQUIRED FOR ALL TRAVEL IN MEXICO. If you do not have a current, valid, US Passport Book or Passport Card and are planning to join our mission team in Mexico or other places abroad, we would encourage you to obtain your passport as soon as possible. Please refer to for more information.

A word about safety: In the recent past there had been a number of reports of violence in the border areas of Mexico. Please know that our mission team has been monitoring the travel advisories and engaging in close communication with our brothers and sisters who live across the border to assess the actual danger level. The colonias we serve near the playas of Tijuana have had no increase in violence and are well protected and very tranquil at this time. Our mission team will keep a vigilant eye on the tumult in the region and act accordingly. We would never put our students or leaders in harm’s way if it was determined to be unsafe to proceed with the trip. Please refer to our Risk Plan available on our church web site for more information.

For additional information see the links below:

Risk Letter

Invitation Letter

Mexico Mission Flyer

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