Patience and Glad Tidings …

Advent is about waiting and patience…two things I would not consider my strengths.  But when I look back and review the major events of my past I see that many periods in my life were defined by waiting.  There have been many times when I clearly had no control over the outcome of a situation other than the influence I tried to exert before waiting for the results. In the course of our lifetimes we will encounter many difficult episodes when we are required to wait and have patience for events to unfold in often unexpected ways.  In Advent we retell the story of God’s redemption that culminates in an unwed, teenage girl giving birth to the Son of God, our Messiah, Jesus Christ.  In Advent we learn to wait to see what God is doing now with people in remarkably difficult situations – stories that will be transformed into redemptive pieces of history and offer hope once again to places of sorrow and despair.

This Sunday in worship we continue the story of redemption with the addition of 7 more ornaments to our Jesse Tree as we follow the lives of the people of God.  We will be encouraged find ways to share comfort and glad tidings by the prophet Isaiah and John the Baptist as we move closer to Christmas.

On Sunday evening our music department will be presenting the Traditional Sounds of Christmas at 5:00 PM in our sanctuary which will feature many musicians and choirs from our church.  Following the concert will be our Cookie Contest social in the fellowship hall – let’s throw on those oven mitts and get baking!

Our regular Mission Monday at Don Jose’s has been moved this month to Wonderful WednesdayWednesday, December 10 will be our day to support our mission and community service activities by having lunch or dinner or linner (the meal between lunch and dinner) at Don Jose’s.  This change was to accommodate our Blue Christmas Service on Monday, December 15.  This service is offered for those who find the holiday season difficult and for anyone seeking a quiet place of guided reflection and prayers with beautiful music to heal our souls.

As a note, our worship on December 28 will include many favorite hymns and Christmas carols.  If you would like your favorite to be considered for the lineup please use the Sunday morning worship registration form or click here to use our e-form:

We hope you have received our monthly newsletter last week via email or in your regular mail along with our Advent and Christmas event schedule. You can click here for the electronic copy:


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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