This summer is bound to be full of fun and excitement! We have a lot of great and exciting events planned throughout the summer., along with an engaging summer bible study course. Sundays will be our “fun-days” and we will be going to the beach, eating a lot of food, going to a baseball game, and much more! On Friday afternoons, we will be learning about God’s word in a bible study about Psalms. It’ll be an awesome summer and we can’t wait to see you there!

Summer Events Calendar

  • June 26 – Pool Party BBQ
  • July 10 – Sky Zone
  • July 17 – Angels Game (All Youth)
  • July 24 – Triennium
  • July 31 – Battle of the Sexes
  • August 7 – Regressive Dinner
  • August 14 – Beach Day

Summer Psalms

This summer’s spiritual focus will be on Psalms. We will be going through the five categories of Psalms and studying why they are all significant and how we can apply them to our lives. We will also have some weekly goals and activities to help you stay engaged and spread God’s love ever week this summer. Meetings will be at 2pm every Friday.

Friend Connect

Summer is all about having fun with your friends, and we would love to have fun with them too! It is encouraged to bring a friend every week. It can be a friend that has already come before or someone completely new! Sundays are all about introducing people to the group in a fun and welcoming way. Do you know someone looking for a place to get closer to God this summer? Bring them to bible study and learn about God’s word together!


Contact Spencer Smith, our summer youth intern, at smith.spence13@gmail.com