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Our congregation is very committed to mission and service to both our surrounding communities and world-wide areas of need.  Through special gifts and volunteer services we are able to support a wide variety of mission projects through both financial support and actual hands on involvement.  We hope that all our members and friends will have an opportunity to get involved in at least one area of mission and service.

For you have been a refuge to the poor, a refuge to the needy in their distress, a shelter from the rainstorm and a shade from the heat. – Isaiah 25:4

Mexico Mission Spring Trips 2019 for Students and Families

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Local Mission & Community Service

Northeast of the Well

Recovery ministry: Share a meal and worship with men and women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Provide a meal, help prepare and serve a meal or help with childcare. Monday evenings 6pm9pm at First Congregational Church of Anaheim, 515 N State College Blvd in Anaheim, 92806. Contact: Mary Byrne at mdbyrne42@gmail.com. Click here for Faith Testimonies for Northeast of the Well. Click here for a link to their website: http://northeastofthewell.org/

Giving Children Hope

Fill backpacks for homeless children: Serving over 1200 Orange County children and their families each week with meals for the weekend. Located at 8332 Commonwealth Ave in Buena Park, 90621. Variable days 9am – Noon. Contact Malia Lewis at 392malia@gmail.com for additional information. Click here for a link to their website: http://www.givingchildrenhope.org/

Adult Shower Ministry

Homeless shower assistance: Help provide those living on the streets an opportunity to enjoy a hot shower, obtain clean clothes, and feel cared for. There are various volunteer and donation opportunities. First Presbyterian Church of Garden Grove, 11832 Euclid St., Garden Grove, 92840. Contact: Sharon Busch at sbusch12@gmail.com.

Mercy House Homeless Shelter

Mercy House temporary homeless shelter in the Santa Ana Armory is open once again for the winter. CHPC is volunteering on Mondays from 5:30 – 8:30 at the Santa Ana Armory located on Warner about 5 minutes from the 55 freeway.  We have 5 positions to fill every Monday. Contact:  Sheree Subramanyan at sheree@disinc.com. Click here for more information: https://mercyhouse.net/portfolios/oc-armory-emergency-shelters/

Deacon Projects

American Red Cross Blood Drives:  2-3 times per year

Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes provides numerous services relating to professional wardrobing, employment, career, financial education and life skills, training, and  image workshops. The Deacons are collecting “business attire” clothing and accessories for mean and women who are interviewing and re-entering the work force. Clothing should be clean and on hangers, and placed on the rack in Room 6. Thank you for your generous donations!

Military Support

Several times per year our deacons send letters and cards of support along with care packages for our military personnel.

Angel Tree

Each Christmas season our deacons create an Angel Gift Tree for our members to make gift donations for families in need during the holiday season.

Emergency Bags

Several times per year our deacons sell “Emergency Kits” filled with essential items including water, canned and dried foods and personal items like tooth brushes and sanitizer to distribute to homeless who are soliciting for support.

Regional Mission

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is the emergency and refugee program of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. PDA enables congregations and mission partners of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) to witness to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crisis and catastrophic events by focusing on the long term recovery of disaster impacted communities and through training and disaster preparedness for presbyteries and synods.  Additionally, PDA connects partners locally and internationally with key organizations active in the response — United Nations, NVOAD (National Voluntary Agencies Active in Disaster), World Food Program, Red Cross, FEMA and others and manages a number of specialized volunteer teams to work nationally and internationally providing consultation, program design and training.

Most recently our church has supported the PDA efforts in the greater New Orleans and Gulfport regions and Midwest areas devastated by hurricanes and tornados with donations, care packages and teams of students and adults helping with reconstruction.

To learn more about PDA click here:  www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/pda/ 

Global Mission

Mexico Mission

Through our missional partners including Futuro del Oro, Iglesia Nuevo Pacto and Not Church we have a dynamic home building program in the colonias near Playas de Tijuana that has been one of our core projects for over 25 years.  Each spring break scores of high school students and adult leaders devote a week to build not only homes but relationships with brothers and sisters across the border as we put our faith into action and grow in our walk with Christ.  Generally we also plan two additional weekend trips in the summer and fall for adults of all ages from college students to young adults to the young at heart.

For more info about Futuro del Oro, click here.

Tumaini Children’s Home, Kenya

The Tumaini Children’s Ministry in Nyeri, Kenya began in 1997 when a few children were fed by the church while they resided in their own homes or on the streets. In 2003, the Home opened its doors to resident children.  Today, the Ministry is home to 200+ children in primary and secondary school including some who are handicapped and can not attend school.  The Tumaini Ministry also includes Sugarbaker Clinic which tends to the children’s medical needs.  In addition, the clinic serves the local community’s medical needs at subsidized fees however, the very needy are treated at no cost. The Ministry has a tailoring department which produces school uniforms for the children as well as other clothes and items for sale.  The Computer department offers skills to older children while outsiders pay a little fee.

While some talented youth have completed high school and are pursuing university or vocational type training at several institutions of higher learning, and have become an inspiration to others, the majority of the graduates are unable to find jobs or become self-employed due to practical skills or opportunities.  Because of this, a Vocational Center is now being built with funds donated to the organization and should be completed within the year.

In 2017, a small group from our congregation and Laguna Presbyterian Church went to Kenya to visit the home and many of the children that we sponsor.  It was an amazing and uplifting experience for all of those who travelled with us.  The children were all forthcoming and excited to see us.  We are all looking forward to going back sometime in the future.

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child from the Tumaini Home, or about this organization, please contact Diane Roper at woosldi@gmail.com

Ubumwe Community Center, Rwanda  

Canyon Hills enjoys a wonderful relationship with Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo in support of the Ubumwe Community Center (UCC) and Children’s School in Gisenyi, Rwanda. The UCC was founded by Frederick Ndabaramiye and Zacharie Dusingizimana who are survivors of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Not willing to remain captive to hate and anger, Frederick and Zacharie turned toward forgiveness and action. Feeling lucky to be alive, they wanted to help those like themselves. Partially because of the genocide, Rwanda has a disproportionate number of physically and mentally disabled people and most are street beggars. With the support of the Columbus Zoo’s Partners in Conservation, Frederick and Zacharie founded The Ubumwe Community Center as a place where these people are given an alternative, where they can be educated, learn skills and ultimately work, generating a sustainable living for themselves and their families. Today Frederick and Zacharie speak internationally and are mentors to young people everywhere. They teach that a disability of spirit is far worse than one of the body. Frederick models his triumph over physical limitations through his painting, his love of life and his fearlessness.  
In 2017 Frederick and Zacharie visited Canyon Hills for the first time. Friendships and bonds were formed and our first Rwandan Fete was held to raise money for the UCC. Funds raised have supported two cooks at the UCC, the purchase of 10 computers for teachers at the Children’s School, assistance to the prosthetic repair shop, the purchase of over 1500 textbooks at the Children’s School and supplies to complete a home for Ismael, a blind client at the UCC. Frederick and Zacharie returned for a visit to Canyon Hills in 2018 and a team of volunteers will travel to serve at the UCC in June of 2019. We look forward to many more visits and mission trips!

For more information, please contact Malia Lewis at 392malia@gmail.com.