Stewardship is about giving back to God some of that with which we have been blessed. All good things come from God – among these, the gifts given to each individual. Through His grace, these gifts provide the basis of our ability to earn a living, to provide for ourselves and our families, to perform creative and intellectual acts, to be caretakers of the created world. We call these gifts our “time, treasures and talent”. None of us are given these gifts in equal portion. Some people may have talent, but no money. Others may have money, but no time. Still others may have time, but not much else. How we choose to manage our time, spend our money and use our talents greatly affects us and others. Any of these can be used to serve a purpose in God’s kingdom. In grateful response to God’s grace and mercy, we give back a portion of what we have been given, in the ways we are uniquely able to do.

Stewardship Videos 2018

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Per Capita 

$33 per member that enables us to work with other Presbyterian Churches in our community and across the country to further the mission of Jesus Christ around the world.

Specifically, your per capita apportionment helps us be connected to our local churches and support our various ministries like the Shower Ministry, Northeast of the Well, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to name a few.

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Online Giving

We have a new online giving platform! Click here to submit a tithe online.

You may also text CHPC to 77977 for a direct link to our online giving page.