Dear Members and Friends,


Thank you for all the support you and your family have given to our church and mission to return God’s blessings back into our communities. Your generosity together with other families over the past 39 years has helped make this possible. Your efforts and gifts have significantly impacted people both in our own neighborhoods and throughout the world as we gather together in community and share God’s love for us.


The many local, regional and global programs that we support through contributions and service perhaps best exemplify our service to God. Some of these include “Giving Children Hope” at Melrose Elementary with backpacks of food to help feed families and partnering with sister churches in the Shower Ministry to help our county’s homeless population. Next year, we will celebrate 30 years of service with our partners in Tijuana, Mexico building homes. Our mission work also includes Vacation Bible School and fellowship programs for students both in our church and community. We are able to continue and expand these programs through financial gifts to the church.


Our church is also a place of solace, comfort, and support for all of us, whether it is providing help for families forced to flee the wildfires last October, or providing comfort and care to family members during a time of personal crises and loss. We come together as a community of faith in our church to support one another during these difficult times, made possible only because of your support of our church.


When you share your resources with the church, we are able together to achieve our goals to do even more and for you, your family and the community. I ask that as you reflect and pray on the future of our church and our desire to expand the ways we serve God in our actions and worship and pledge what you can to support our church this coming year.


To see how your gifts and talents have been used this year, please watch the Stewardship 2019 videos.  Thank you again for your support and generosity.


Week 1 Overview

Week 1 Overview on YouTube

Week 2 Local Programs on YouTube

Week 3 Global Programs on YouTube 4 Serving on YouTube

Per Capita 

$33 per member that enables us to work with other Presbyterian Churches in our community and across the country to further the mission of Jesus Christ around the world.

Specifically, your per capita apportionment helps us be connected to our local churches and support our various ministries like the Shower Ministry, Northeast of the Well, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to name a few.

Click here to pay the 2018 Per Capita online.

Online Giving

We have a new online giving platform! Click here to submit a tithe online.

You may also text CHPC to 77977 for a direct link to our online giving page.