Steamy Summer Days! – Weekly Update

These last several days have been good humidity training for our youth and adults who will be traveling Montreat, North Carolina for a summer youth conference later in August!  As we move deeper into summer I am reminded of the dichotomy of this season, from our childhood we are introduced to the idea of “summer vacation” – a time of rest and play – and yet as adults we often cram our long summer days with projects and events in an effort to “catch up.” Seasonally, summer is a time of growth and repair; agriculturally crops are maturing for harvest, anatomically we experience growth spurts and rejuvenation cycles.  As we press forward into the “dog days of summer” I would encourage you to take the time you need for rest and growth and rejuvenation and resist the temptation to cram the calendar full of busy making.  Relax around the pool, take a day at the beach, read a magazine, take a nap or plan a DVR marathon.

This Sunday in our worship gathering we will be invited to consider the notion of satisfaction and the things that truly bring contentment to our lives as we ponder the miraculous feast of the 5,000 as told by John, chapter 6.  Worship is a time consecrated for rest and the renewal of our souls and you are encouraged to rub elbows with your family of faith.

Our deacons “Christmas in July” program for Heritage House is winding down and this is the final Sunday to bring your gifts to the Angel Tree table.

We are continuing our 40 days of prayer for the upcoming Bible program, The Story which begins on Sunday, August 23. You are invited to join us in daily prayer:

  • ·         Day 10:  Ask God to bless our children as they learn of His love for them.
  • ·         Day 11: Thank the Lord that his written word is so accessible to us.
  • ·         Day 12:  Pray that we will be challenged by each week’s message.
  • ·         Day 13:  Praise God for Jesus Christ, the ultimate expression of His love.
  • ·         Day 14:  Ask God for wisdom as we apply God’s story to our own life story.
  • ·         Day 15:  Thank God for those who prepared the materials for our study.
  • ·         Day 16:  Praise God for the Holy Spirit who guides us.

This Sunday, July 26 will be the last day to order any additional books or materials you would like relating to The Story through our church.  We anticipate beginning material and book distribution on Sunday, August 9.  If you would like to know more about The Story and how we anticipate it enhancing our church experience click on this video link:  The Story Unifies.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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