Inspiration from the Revelation of Jesus Christ

A four week summer sermon & study series


Church in the Wild meets each Tuesday at 5:30 PM at Island’s Restaurant in the Festival Center on the patio.

Worship is celebrated each week in our sanctuary at 10:00 AM. All are welcome.

About the Series:

Revelation as the final “book” of the Bible is a pastoral letter to Christians in Asia from a Christian prophet with a flair for apocalyptical language and imagery. This “revelation of Jesus Christ” was composed in the late first century initially to address the religious and political situation of the day. As with many sections of the Bible, there is some difficulty understanding Revelation, but it can and should be understood both in its own history and as an urgently needed message for the contemporary church.

Revelation portrays the triumphant finale of the Biblical narrative – the story of God’s love and redemption – often in vivid and sometimes bizarre images, and the conclusion of history where creation and the Kingdom of Heaven become one.

The author self identifies as John, a servant of Christ who has been exiled on the Island of Patmos because of this work as a Christian witness. Traditionally John the Apostle is identified as the author; however, not all Biblical scholars hold to this view. Revelation was written when Christians were entering a time of persecution by the Roman Empire.

While Revelation is unique in style in the New Testament, apocalyptic literature flourished in both Jewish and Christian circles from 200 BC to AD 200. This highly symbolic style of writing with visions and bizarre creatures also used coded language as authors symbolically depicted the ultimate destruction of evil and the triumph of good as a way to ease anxiety about the future. Revelation is best understood keeping its historical background in mind. Like Daniel in the Old Testament and other apocalypses, it was composed as resistance literature to meet a crisis and was designed to comfort and encourage the faithful, witnessing church in its struggle against the forces of evil.

Strange and peculiar creatures, symbolic numbers, and fearsome images, were to the persecuted and harried Christians in the first century church in Asia, reassuring and encouraging visions stressing the Lordship of Christ, the prevailing sovereignty of God, and his eventual, final victory over the forces of sin and evil. Revelation cannot be reduced to a mere timetable of events, as it speaks lasting truths to every generation of readers. This crucial message of final hope was needed by its original readers in the first century and is still needed by us today.

During the month of August we will immerse ourselves in this mysterious letter in a 4 week sermon and Church in the Wild series, “Hot August Nights – Inspiration from Revelation”.


Week 1 – God the Creator

  • Revelation 4:1-11
  • Study: August 1 and Sermon: August 6

Week 2 – Jesus the Lamb

  • Revelation 5:1-13
  • Study: August 8 and Sermon: August 13

Week 3 – Promise of Life

  • Revelation 6:1-8; 7:9-17
  • Study: August 15 and Sermon: August 20

Week 4 – New Jerusalem

  • Revelation 21:1-6; 22:1-5
  • Study: August 22 and Sermon: August 27