The ups and downs – weekly update

Often we live through seasons of misfortune, days and weeks of hardship strung together like pearls and we wonder when we might experience relief.  My recent weeks have felt like a series of unfortunate events.  Unexpectedly my mom took ill and it became necessary to move her from Florida to California quickly.  Not 12 hours after we finally moved her into her new apartment I experienced vertigo for the first (and hopefully last) time – thank goodness for Dramamine! On June 3rd I reported to the Superior Court for jury service and became part of a 300+ potential jury pool for a lengthy criminal trial estimated to last until August 7.  I was required to report back to court Monday and Tuesday of this week for questioning.  I was finally excused Tuesday late morning just so I could be rear ended on Santa Ana Canyon yesterday by a plumbing truck nearly tearing off my rear bumper!  Yesterday afternoon became a good time to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head.

But even in the midst of the broken pieces of life we find hope and joy and renewal. There are plenty of us in the “sandwich” generation – having to raise both our kids and our aging parents and it is good relief to share our stories of senior moments our parents inflict on us.  When you experience a physical malady for the first time you often find out lots of people who have had the same thing and you get great tips on how to heal.  While I was fretting about extended jury service our senior high students we planning and leading an amazing and inspiring worship service that was astounding (you can check them out on our youtube channel  The broken pieces of my car can be fixed or replaced just like the broken pieces of our lives – even in the midst of gloom are rays of sun!

This Sunday in worship we are offered many more rays of sun through our exceptional musicians as we celebrate and honor the gifts they share with us weekly.  The word of God will be shared through lessons, reflections and stirring music – an experience that you will not want to miss.  And in a moment for mission we will hear more about our upcoming journey through scripture using The Story.

Following worship we will have a brief congregational meeting to vote on conferring the honorary title of Pastor Emeritus on Rev. Mike Landreth.

Our lovely Joan Coy will be away from the office next week beginning on June 15 and we are looking for one or more someones who might be able to volunteer a bit of time in our church office to answer phones and such.  You may volunteer any day Monday – Thursday between 9:30 and 2:30. Contact Laura Kidd at if you are able to help.

Don’t forget to keep saving those 1 gallon milk and water jugs for this summer’s VBS program.  You can drop them at the church office anytime!


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smit

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