Truly Blessed!

The evidence of God’s guidance and incarnation has been aptly displayed in the life of our congregation this past week.  Last Friday evening our church hosted a Spiritual Parenting workshop which was attended by not only parents but grandparents, aunts and uncles and caregivers for children and youth. Dr. Anthony presented us with refreshing new insights into parenting and raising children who seek God in their lives regardless of how many times we all mess up.  On Sunday we were reminded that our church is filled with gifted leaders and servants as Alan Purvis brought us the Word with such burning passion that even the Fire Department was called to the scene!  Well done!

This weekend will be no different as we send a team of workers to Playas de Tijuana to build homes for families and build spiritual strength for the journey ahead.  On Sunday our worship will be centered around how we invest our faith so that the gospel of Christ might be shared exponentially with others from the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.  We are also offering a new member class following worship that will include a light lunch as we join in fellowship and exploration with our congregation.  Anyone interested in church membership is invited to join us.

With the holiday season just around the corner we invite you to express your gratitude and to be renewed in faith in one or more of our many upcoming events.  On Sunday, November 23 the youth ministry department is hosting a gratitude breakfast for the whole congregation following worship!! On Wednesday, November 26 we will gather for our annual Thanksgiving Eve Worship service at 7 PM.  And on November 30 our Children’s Ministry department is hosting a “Parents Day Out” from 11:30 to 2:30 so parents can catch their breath as we move head long into Advent and Christmas.

On our connect table you will find information and items helpful for the Advent season that your families can adapt and adopt into their holiday traditions as we focus on the coming of Christ.  You will also find information about alternative giving ideas and the like.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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