We have received your responses to the assessment for your congregation. Thank you!

Below are some questions you may have after taking the Congregation Assessment Tool™ (CAT).

It is always important for leaders to know the perspectives, experiences, and aspirations of the people they lead. This is especially true when major decisions will be made regarding the future of the church.

Research shows that leaders do not have a broad enough level of interaction with members to accurately gauge the perspectives of the entire church. Their natural tendency to relate to a relatively small percentage of the congregation results in a view of the entire congregation that is skewed.

When major decisions are being made, it is important to have a comprehensive picture of how the church is doing in the many different aspects of its life. Shortening the survey by making assumptions about different areas of the church’s ministry might result in inaccuracies.

Research has shown when people respond to surveys, they need a variety of questions that will keep their minds engaged. A variety as to how questions are worded is one of the ways to keep a person’s mind engaged. This does not imply that there is anything wrong with the church.

The Church Assessment Tool© is a standard instrument that has been used with hundreds of churches. Customized questions designed by your leaders specifically for your church have been added to the survey.

A survey is a lot like a camera. It takes a picture of who you are as a church. Like a camera, it is very difficult to guess what a photograph looks like from simply looking at the camera. In the same way, it is difficult to realize the value of the snapshot taken of your church simply by looking at the questions in the survey.

The report generated by the assessment is called Vital Signs©, which is over 20 pages long and requires a professional interpretation. For this reason, a one or two-page summary of the results is generally provided to members of the congregation. However, the full Vital Signs© report should be available in the church office or library for those who would like to review it.

Your Session Team at Canyon Hills Presbyterian Church thanks you for sharing your opinions with us.