Weekly Power Update

I was so confident that I had purchased the winning Powerball lottery ticket! I have told God many times that if outrageous wealth were ever to come my way I would of course use that good fortune for others but with the news that the winning tickets were purchased in Chino Hills and elsewhere around the country I was left to wake up to the fact that compared to the rest of the world I already have tremendous wealth and opportunity and that my true blessings have always come when I use my good fortune for others.

As we are learning from The Story and from scripture, the many kings of Israel and Judah had a difficult time understanding that having a heart for God was the true test of leadership and the further the wandered from worshipping God alone the more peril they would face.  The Sunday in worship we will hear the words of the prophets Ezekiel and Jeremiah, harsh words of condemnation followed by words of hope and consolation.  These are words for us to hear today as we seek to honor God with our worship, our service and our lives.

On Friday and Saturday our elders, deacons and staff will be gathered together for our annual leadership retreat – a time for reflection, study, and an exchange of ideas as we seek together to determine God’s vision for our family of faith.  Please pray for each of our participants as we engage in exploration and discovery.

Through our mission committee and our deacons we have begun working with 1st Presbyterian Church in Garden Grove’s Shower Ministry that is provided for homeless persons who live in the area.  Each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-10:00 AM 1st Garden Grove opens their church campus and their showers to the community along with a hot meal and other services.  In support of this ministry we have members assisting in the program each week and we have given financial support which helped this ministry receive a large matching grant so they can continue to expand their services.  Soon we will have additional information about how even more members can help this thriving ministry.



In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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