Weekly Thursday Update – Friday Edition!

Our family has been enjoying a great week of vacation, but alas all that relaxation, sun, surf and sand must draw to a close!  As we settle back into our daily routines I find it a gentle reminder of how much I love home and the opportunities I have to serve such a vital congregation.  I am thankful for my friend, Rev. Dave Throop, who filled in last week at worship and shared a special message of faithful courage with our worshipping community.

Our life experience is often a mysterious blend of triumph and struggles, hopes and disappointments, joy and anguish, achievements and painful loss.  As we take a snapshot of current events including our personal lives we discover that life continues to be complex.  We are heartbroken when we learn our friends have lost a loved one and grief stricken when death takes our own.  We struggle to comprehend the senselessness of genocide and warfare.  We look for peace when their seems to only be strife – our world pulled apart in places far away and in our own neighborhoods as we confront the often brutal realities of life.

And yet we know that there can also be moments of joy, accomplishment, relief, welcome, and peace.  In a community of faith we are given strength to meet the challenges of a new day.  Our God is a God of hope, a God of redemption, a God of renewal.  Our blessing of faith can give us courage and wisdom to make a difference for someone else who is wandering in darkness.  The headlines today, this week, this month may seem bleak but these are not the headlines that endure, it is the story of redemption through the resurrection of Christ that endures and gives us hope.

This Sunday we will begin an end of summer worship series focusing on ways to convert our faith into action, learning how our involvement, even in the smallest ways makes a difference.  We are pleased to have members of our church share their stories during the “Community Voice” as an inspiration to our congregation.  This Sunday we will explore Paul’s exhortation to the Colossian church as expressed in Colossians 1:9-13 as we seek the courage and inspiration to lay aside our excuses and to respond to God’s call in our lives.

Our Presbyterian Women had a great kick off last week and if you would like to get involved you may contact Maria Lindsey at mmlinz@yahoo.com or find a PW on the patio.

Don’t forget, tomorrow night is Speedway Night with the Smiths at Costa Mesa Speedway!  Join us in the parking lot (we will try to have a banner/flag) around 6ish for BYOtailgate fun or in the stands on the back straightaway near turn two.  First race begins at 7:30 PM. Sign-ups for a variety of events including our Vintage Vegas Celebration on September 20 and Angels Baseball game and tailgate party on September 15 will be available at the Connect Table following worship.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith and the CHPC Staff

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