Weekly Update….​remote location!

What is it about action figures?  We all had them.  I grew up playing with Barbie but of course I also had a GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip!  My kids had power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Thomas Tank Engine and zillions of Pokémon’s!  Action figures are great because they unlock our imagination and are able to perform feats of daring and greatness.  What if we start seeing ourselves like action figures for God?  In John’s first letter he implores the followers of Christ to love not only with words or speech but also in our actions and in truth.  In worship on Sunday we will continue our celebration of the various ways we can act upon our faith including another community voice focusing on our mission and service.
Alan and I will be traveling home from Florida today after helping my mom downsize her belongings as she prepares to move to a smaller home, yikes!  Nothing like moving in Florida humidity.  No one will need to remind us that it is “Labor Day” weekend!  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Don’t forget to get your tickets right away to our Vintage Vegas event coming on September 20!  We have so much to celebrate and be grateful!  And even more we can accomplish as we pull together our resources.  Invite your friends and neighbors for some great fun!!
We have some other great events for church coming this month…Angels Baseball, Classic Car Show…read all about how to get involved in our September edition of our newsletter attached to this email.
In His Service,
Rev. Lissa Smith

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