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Last night if you tuned into CBS at 11:30 PM you witnessed the end of an era, David Letterman signing off as the host of Late Night after 30 years of bringing laughs and entertainment to generations of fans.  I imagine that the disciples must have felt at times that after Jesus’ death and resurrection they had witnessed an end of an era – a closing of the chapter – waiting and wondering if anything was next.  And then the Day of Pentecost!!

This Sunday we will celebrate in worship the day the waiting was over for the bewildered and beleaguered disciples and followers of Christ; the day the Holy Spirit blew through the hearts and souls of the first leaders of the church, the first witnesses to the power of Jesus Christ; a legacy that continues in us today.  The prophet Ezekiel reminds us that even in the Old Testament the Spirit of God was working in mighty ways as the old, dry bones of our ancestors were raised to new life through the power of God’s spirit.  Our souls can feel bone dry at times and our worship together is one way to quench our searing thirst, to douse our parched spirits and refresh our hearts and souls.

Summer is quickly approaching as we are reminded this Memorial Day weekend and we are looking forward to future festivities including Bunko on June 6 at the home of Dennis and Judi Sepulveda.  Additionally as our youth ministry team gears up we have a couple summer internships available. Our summer internship is an opportunity to glimpse what youth ministry looks like from the inside, first-hand. Throughout the summer, interns have the opportunity to build relationships with middle school and senior high students through weekly gatherings, camps, and special events. This is a part-time internship (15 hours per week), beginning June 28th. Please contact Staci Ashby at staci.ashby@gmail.com or (949) 613-2616 for more information.

For our graduating seniors and college/seminary students: Canyon Hills Presbyterian Church offers educational scholarships through the Myrtle Tyrone Scholarship Fund totaling $1,000 ranging from $250 to $500 per student annually to its student members to be applied to the cost of secondary school and/or seminary tuition, books, fees, supplies, housing, and transportation.  Please contact Mary Byrne for application dates and forms at mdbyrne42@gmail.com.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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