Weekly Update – Mexico Mission Early Edition

What an Easter to behold, the resurrection preached and the hope of eternal life offered by the body of Christ to all who dared draw near. Inspirational music offered by our gifted minstrels and passionate faith being expressed by all.  Glorious day! Hallelujah!

Alan and I had the good fortune to travel to Mexico yesterday to complete some pre-trip set up for our mission adventure beginning tomorrow.  As some of you have heard, sadly, the Futuro del Oro community center has been sold and so we will be guests of Pastor Lupe’s church just up the road from Futuro.  His church is generally a wee bit more “rustic” than the community center but Alan and I were so blessed to see some radical hospitality at work yesterday.  Pastor Lupe and his family and church members have been hard at work doing what they can to transform their church into a warm and welcoming home for our group this week.  My heart was swollen with pride and joy to see all their hard work just so that we might feel comfortable and at home.

Team A departs tomorrow at 5 PM from CHPC and then team B will join us on Friday evening.  We are planning to complete 3 homes and some refurbishments to Iglesia Nuevo Pacto for future mission trips. We know that our prayer partners are already hard at work by the number of “gift bags” that have been arriving in the office. Please keep our entire group in your prayers.

So by now, if you have been doing the math, you know that I will not be with you all for worship on Sunday and I will miss you but we have a wonderful pastor, Rev. Jesse Lund, from Trabuco Presbyterian Church who will be leading our worship alongside our tremendous worship team including Alan Purvis.  I know that it is a temptation to take a Sunday off when the home team is not at bat but I would like to encourage you to resist the temptation and make a special effort to warmly welcome Rev. Lund and enjoy the company of the body of Christ.

Attached you will find our April Joyful Noise Newsletter for your reading enjoyment.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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