Weekly Wintery Update

It seems a little self absorbed to complain about the chilly weather we had last week in SoCal when the rest of the nation is now facing a bitter, dangerous cold snap.  Granted our reaction to our atmosphere is shaped by what we are used to, but -30 seems unreal to a spoiled California girl! Mother Nature can be dangerous so my prayers go out to those who are facing this wicked freeze.

Sometimes not only are our bodies exposed to extremes that can make us feel uncomfortably hot or cold but our souls are exposed to the extremes of life that can bring hot anger or frozen hearts. I am so grateful that we have a place, a community, to gather and bring our fiery tempers and our icy, wounded feelings and to lay it all at the foot of the cross.  I am blessed to be part of a family of faith that will bring healing salve to the places where we feel burned and bring the warmth of companionship to those who are feeling exposed to the elements.

Sunday morning brings with it another chance for our church to gather the flock and to make ourselves ready for whatever climate awaits us literally and figuratively.  Prayer is one way for us to prepare our lives and our souls for the elements of life that want to set us on fire or chill us to the bone.  This Sunday in worship we will explore our prayers and how God answers – even if we might not like the answer – as expounded for us in Luke 11:5-8 and Luke 18:1-8.

BIG DAY on Saturday – All Church Work Party from 8:00 AM to 12 noon.  Let’s have some fun sprucing up the place!!


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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