What makes a Church thrive is its members and friends and how they relate to God. The leaders exist simply to guide the Church in the right direction by helping them to discern what God wants them to do. The pastoral leaders church staff, elders and deacons make up the leadership of our church.


In the Presbyterian tradition, our church is led by an elected group of congregational members, Elders, who serve on the session. The word Presbyterian comes from the word ‘presbyter’ meaning elder.

For Presbyterians, elders are people elected by the congregation to govern the church’s business. Together with the Pastor, active elders exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a particular church as well as the church at large. This includes strengthening and nurturing the faith and life of the congregation.

Each elder has oversight for a specific ministry area of the church, as indicated below.

Currently serving as active elders are (Terms are generally for three years. Class of indicates the final year of service):

Class of 2018

  • Jim Bogenreif
  • Eric Eshelman
  • Malia Lewis
  • Cindy McCormick
  • Strategic Council
  • Property Management
  • Mission & Community Service
  • Congregational Life

 Class of 2019

  • Victoria Webber
  • Jerry Conrey
  • Linda Farrow
  • Rosie Gilbert
  • Communications/Development/Partnership
  • Business Admin & Staff Relations
  • Worship Arts
  • Outreach & Membership

Class of 2020

  • Vanessa Bates
  • Eric Coulter
  • Jana Kidd
  • Dennis Sepulveda
  • Nominations
  • Stewardship
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Children & Student Ministries


Like the elders of the church, the deacons are selected and elected by the church membership for a three year term, with one-third of the deacons being replaced each year. Deacons help keep the members of CHPC connected and cared for. Each deacon stays in touch with a group of a dozen or so families and/or individuals; these groups are called “parishes.”

Those currently serving as deacon are:

 Class of 2018

  • Megan Burgess
  • Monika Caplis
  • Lane Clizbe
  • Bob Schmahl
  • Barbara Greenfield
  • James Farrow


 Class of 2019

  • Mary Douglas
  • Kris Evans
  • Ann Kaiser
  • Kriss Germann *
  • Marianne Mann
  • Jan Oosten
  • Janet Wood


Class of 2020

  • Brian Counter
  • Dwight Peterson,
  • Nancy Itoh
  • Marion Candia
  • Ken Dyla
  • Liz Horton



*Deacon Moderator