SPRING Forward!!

Oh the agony…this Sunday is time change, time to spring forward into daylight savings…spring forward, yikes!  We are asked in our daily lives to make adjustments all the time, our flexibility and patience is tested sometimes to the limit.  But, we try to remain adaptable because change is sometimes the only way to grow.  So, this Saturday night as you may be grousing about losing an hour of sleep, remember the added daylight time you will gain at the end of the day – more time for light and growth and exciting opportunities that are made possible by the Light of Christ in our lives.

This Sunday we can also spring forward into worship as we return thanks to God for providing a community of faith and support and care, together as a family.  We will sing and laugh and cry and pray together as we share the mysteries of our lives with each other.  We will learn how even Jesus was pushed to the edge, his patience tested as he turns over the tables in the temple as told in John 2:13-22.  We will ask the question about the tables that might need turning in our lives?

Beginning on March 11 our Adult Education Team will be hosting a weekly study based on Adam Hamilton’s devotional, “24 Hours That Changed the World” based on the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life.  You can register for this class using the Worship bulletin registration form or online.

Don’t forget about the other great ways you can make new connections in our church like our Mom’s Night Out on March 15 and the Deacon Blood Drive on March 23. Or, take the big plunge and join us for a 5 day adventure building homes in Tijuana, Mexico – a life changing experience.


In His Service,

Rev. Lissa Smith

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